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WP4: Landscape Management Component

The main thematic focus of the Institute of Landscape Management in this project is the ‘design of agroforestry systems from a nature conservation perspective.’ An important pillar of the work being carried out is a survey of farmers’ opinions. In addition to the determination of their attitudes towards agroforestry systems (AFS) in general, the purpose is also to ascertain their acceptance of supplementary nature conservation measures on agroforestry sites.

The backdrop to this analysis is the possible recognition of AFS as a compensation measure within the framework of the rules requiring that any conversion of land for development purposes be offset. In connection with this, the Institute of Landscape Management is preparing a catalogue of corresponding nature conservation measures applicable within agroforestry systems as a means to raise the value of the sites under consideration. The impacts of these measures will be highlighted with respect to a variety of local conditions, and it is intended that the resultant catalogue will serve as a reference in the optimisation of nature conservation efforts in AFS.

Other aspects under consideration at the institute are potential uses of tree rows to generate additional annual yields for site owners, as well as opportunities to design agroforestry systems to optimise erosion protection.